14-Pin (2x7) 1mm-Pitch Male/Female Cable Extension

I’m looking for a 14-Pin (2x7) 1mm-Pitch Male/Female cable extension but can’t find it anywhere. Does it even exist for that 1mm pitch?

HI @JJPh, that is definitely tricky, our search table only goes down to 1.27mm, but i found this one:


Is this what you were looking for?


Thanks for looking that up @RobertCNelson. I was not able to find it myself. It has the right number of pins on 2 rows and the right pitch (that’s the hard part).
What I’m really after though is a cable that has a female at one end and a male at the other (to connect 2 boards), like in the picture (from eBay vendor CablesOnline, but they don’t have that pitch)


Thanks @JJPh !

So this is really close: “Pitch - Connector 0.079” (2.00mm)"

Edit, Sorry, that was 2.00mm pitch…back to searching…


That would be terrific. Is that something that can be done you think?

Here is a link to m-f cables with connectors having a 1mm pitch
These are non stock.
The picture provided looks more like the standard 0.1" pitch Here is a link to some M-F cables

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Thanks a lot, @JohnMHanninen. The last 4 on your list are a foot long and that’s what I was looking for. It looks like 612-T1PD-07-28-GF-12.0-A-T3-ND might work. I need only one though.

My goal is to connect 2 boards shown in the picture. Do you think that will do it?

T4 1

I would verify the connector pitch since the part number 612-T1PD-07-28-GF-12.0-A-T3-ND is a non stock item with approximately a 4 week lead time. The picture still looks like a 0.1" pitch. an easy way to tell is if by chance you have a IC chip in a standard dual in-line package, the distance between the pins is 0.1". try to test insert one side into the socket. Another way is to measure the socket width and divide it by 8 and this will get you in the ball park. The part number 612-T1PD-07-28-GF-12.0-A-T3-ND the female end will be about 3/8" wide. If you female socket is around 3/4" to 7/8" then it has the 0.1" pitch. If it is a 2.0mm pitch then it will be about 5/8" wide

I’m a bit confused since I don’t see why dividing the width of a 7 pin socket by 8 would give the pitch. So I attach a photo.

The extra digit is for the distance between the outside contacts and the edge of the connector. In your case you have a 7X2 connector with what looks like to me a 0.1” pitch. So that would be 0.7” from one edge to the last contact with
a little left over so the overall width would 0.8”. The basic rule is divide the overall length of the female / socket connector by the number of contacts on one side plus one. This is for rectangular connectors usually found on ribbon cable.



From the measurement you are showing of 13/16 indicated that this is a 0.1” connector. Since I am not seeing a 12” cable just 6” 18” and 3’. Since you mentioned that you might be taking it on and off, I would recommend connectors with
the strain relief to prevent pulling the cable away from the connector. The cables we have for the 14 position have the key on the socket end so that will need to be shaved off and you will need to be careful to watch the red stripe on the cable as this indicates
the pin one.

The part number for the 6” cable isH3BKH-1406G-ND

The part number for the 18” cable is H3BKH-1418G-ND

The part number for the 36” cable is H3BKH-1436G-ND



I much appreciate your time on this.

I guess I don’t know what pitch is. I thought it was the distance between 2 pins, and on the photo it looks to me slightly more than the distance between 2 ticks, i.e. 1/16 of an inch. The socket width itself is a bit over 1/2 of an inch. I don’t see where does your 13/16 come from.

I would like you t disregard the last two comments I sent. I must not have had my eyeballs working as the measurement is 9/16” so that works out to be a 2mm pitch. As I go through the cables that we carry that are a 2mm pitch, I did not
locate one that was male to female. I did locate a female to female and then us a male header to make the male side. The cable part number is3M156021-HF14S-3M156021-6-ND and it is a 6” nothing longer

Web Link


The male header 2mm in a 2 X 7 format is part numberSAM1173-07-ND

Web Link




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Great. I think you nailed it. Many thanks.