Having trouble finding 2.0mm spaced connectors


I am trying to get an extender (female to male) for my motherboard, and it uses 2.0mm spaced connectors in a rectangular arrangement. A 1x1, 2x1, 3x1, or 6x1 array would work to build it. They are 5x2, 6x2, and 7x2. I can only seem to find 2.54mm spaced connectors.

Any help would be appreciated.


Are you perhaps after the cable assemblies with plug and receptacle type rectangular connectors on them at that pitch of 2mm? Here are some in the link below that we stock. There are many different types here.

Thank you! This is very close! I have to check and see if this will fit the sockets I have. Below is what the sockets are.

Would dupont connectors work? I’m trying to find Male 2.0 to female 2.0 connectors and all of them seem to be 2.54 male to 2.0 female. I’m having no luck

We do have the PHD series connectors and they are all 2mm pitch. The headers and the mates to them
Headers and mating housings.

The dupont connectors as far as I know were all 2.54mm pitch. I don’t know how you have one side 2.54mm and the other at 2.0mm. Take a look at this post on dupont connectors.