Identification of longer JST PH Connector

The cable originates from a Thermaltake ARGB Controller kit and is a JST PH (2.0mm pitch) Male to Dupont 0.1 inch (2.54mm) Female cable.

The JST PH Male end of the cable appears to be unusually longer and has an additional “stem”. It appears almost as if a dupont connector has somehow attached and fused itself to the non-mating area of the JST PH Male connector.

I would like to know if there is an actual part number or name for the modified JST PH Male connector and what method is used to modify the connector in such a way. I would also like to know the advantages / purpose of such a modification.

If possible, I would also like to be informed on how to make my own cables look more professional and uniform. My own cables have been made with individual wires and do not nicely stay together compared to the professionally made ones.

The JST connector at the end looks more like a male header than a cable connector, which is odd but it may explain the ‘extension’ you’re seeing on the back end of it. Normally the connectors in the PH series are strictly board-mound for male pins and cable-mount for sockets, so it may be a customization from Thermaltake. I don’t believe there is going to be an orderable part number for this, based on what I’m seeing so far.

Is it possible to get another close-up of the connector itself with cleaner details? The details are a little blurry.

I have been able to locate images of a 2 pin “extended” male JST PH connector. It looks rather similar to the 3 pin ones currently in my possession. My camera is not very good, but I will still attempt to attach more pictures if it is still necessary.

Listing 1
Listing 2

Would you be able to provide any suggestions on how to make my own adaptation similar to the listing or are there similar parts to achieve such a feat?

Aha, that explains why it didn’t show up in my search. From the Adafruit listing: “It’s not a genuine JST connector, but it’s 100% compatible. . .”

So we can assume that JST does not make these, but rather some third party manufacturer from whom Adafruit sourced the connectors for their adapter assemblies. After expanding the search to include other manfuacturers outside of JST I did find the cable on our site, linked here: 1528-2617-ND

I suspect the same is true of the Amazon listing, but I can’t verify any information from the seller in that listing. I did a second round of searching for the connector itself after getting the cable from Adafruit identified, but it looks like this isn’t from any manufacturer that we work with or source parts from.

It’s a long shot, but you might be able to rig your own homebrewed version of this by getting a through-hole JST PH header and inserting the pins (board side) into the sockets of the JST PH cable connector. That would be 455-1704-ND (header) with 455-1165-ND (receptacle) and whichever contacts you choose for the receptacle (linked on the product page under “Associated Product”). However, I have to say this is not a normally recommended way to use the connectors, so I can’t guarantee it would be a neat assembly or reliable fit.

I have attempted your suggestion using a 3 pin JST PH male header and a filled 3 pin JST PH housing female connector. When I attempted to attach the filled housing to the header’s board side pins (non mating side), a small gap of exposed pins was present regardless of the housing’s orientation.

Furthermore, the connection of the header + housing paired on the non-mating end is not as secure compared to the nonstandard JST PH header / male connector that I presented in my initial pictures.

Looking around, I have found more instances of non-standard male header connectors modified to become wire-to-wire connectors.

Another modified JST PH Male Header converted to become a wire-to-wire connector
Modified JST XH Male Header converted to become a wire-to-wire connector (last image; I can provide additional pictures if necessary)
Modified Molex KK 254 Male 4 pin Header with polarization modified to become a wire-to-wire connector

I find the “extension” / jut at the end of the connectors to be rather reminiscent of true male wire-to-wire connectors such as the JST SM Male connector.

I find the lack of information regarding “converted” headers to be surprising as they appear to be frequently utilized.

Based on the images alone, do you think that the modified headers were made in one piece with elongated crimp pins or do you think that they were originally two separate pieces + pins that were later welded / soldered together (plastic welding with a soldering iron appears to be a thing)?

Furthermore, would it be possible for you to request additional details / specifications from Adafruit regarding the converted / modified JST PH 2 pin Male Header cable?