Astro Tool 612245 Function, Feature, and Usage

According to our Product Manager, MPN# 612245 is an MS-Style Spring Loaded Locator (POSITIONER). Used for MPN# 11210 crimping tool.

The positioners locate contacts in proper position and automatically sets the proper crimp depth and proper ratchet release. Store positioners in the Sheet Metal Handle under the Spring-Loaded Plug.

Select the proper Positioner for contact to be crimped and insert into Tool as shown. Ensure that the flat on the Positioner Flange mates with the flat in the Tool. The Flange on the Positioner must be flush with the Handle before the Slide can be fully closed.

Insert the prepared contact and wire through the Indenter Body and into the Positioner. Squeeze the Handles until the Tool comes to a positive stop. Release the Handles and the Tool will return to the full open position.


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