Atmega328P-PU with boot loader?

Does Digikey carry a Atmega328P-PU that already has the Arduino boot loader on it ?

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. I found this option available with the Arduino bootloader, part 3647-ATMEGA328P-PUArduinoBootloader-ND

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As a side note, one of our vendors does have a programmer that will burn the boot loader onto the ATmega328P-PU as well.


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Thanks guy , real new to this stuff so 2 ?'s
Steve that chip come’s with the bootloader installed ? Wasn’t sure cause the ones Ive seen with boot loader are in the 5-6 buck range .
Michael , is that a stand alone programmer , or do ya plug it into another Arduino ? I see it says standalone but Im not seeing a rom, or anything that would store the data that it’s going to load on the blank ? Maybe I’m over thinking this ?

It does have a bootloader installed. It’s a marketplace product part so you’ll pay a separate shipping charge if you have other parts ordered from DigiKey.

That Canaduino PN: 26016 is a stand alone programmer. The only reason it needs a USB Mini cable plugged in is to give the board 5VDC. The memory on the microcontroller on the board is more than enough to hold the 512 bytes the Arduino bootloader needs.

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super cool , thanks I’ll be gettin one & a few dips .

Hi @animal1 ,

Thanks for your inquiry.

ATmega 328/328P feature Boot Loader Support which provides a real Read-While-Write Self Programming mechanism for downloading and uploading program code by the MCU itself. This feature allows flexible application software updates controlled by the MCU using a Flash-resident Boot Loader program.

328P chips that arrive with Bootloader Support:
ATMEGA328P-PU-ND -40°C ~ 85°C (TA) Operating Temperature
ATMEGA328P-PN-ND -40°C ~ 105°C (TA) Operating Temperature

The ATmega328 on the Arduino Uno boards also arrive with a preprogrammed bootloader that allows you to upload new code to it without the use of an external hardware programmer. It communicates using the original STK500 protocol (reference, C header files).

Click here for two ATmega 328 board options 1050-1024-ND & 1738-1228-ND which arrive with the bootloader already installed on the chips, and you are also able to do the bootloader burning to other (blank) chips yourself using one of these boards.

You can also bypass the bootloader and program the microcontroller chip through the ICSP (In‐Circuit Serial Programming) header using Arduino ISP or similar. More information found in the datasheet here.