ATTiny 414 SSF vs SSN - incorrect speed rating?


For ATTiny 414 (or 814), there are options of SSN and SSF suffixes.

According to the Microchip datasheet, the only difference between these is the temperature rating, which is:
-40°C to +105°C for SSN
-40°C to +125°C for SSF

As far as I can tell from the datasheet, they are all 20MHz. However, your product pages reliably list all ATTiny SSF devices as being 16MHz and only the SSN as 20MHz.

Can you confirm that SSF devices are rated for 20MHz please, as I have just ordered a lot of SSF devices which need to run at 20MHz and I will be in BIG trouble if they don’t.

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. The datasheet page 593 shows the speed grade for each device. SSN is listed at 20Mhz and SSF is listed at 16Mhz

Thanks Steve. Fortunately that’s the CPU speed rather than the main clock speed. So I’m OK as we’ve got the prescaler doing a divide by 2 so we’re only driving the CPU at 10MHz.

Other vendors presumably state the max clock speed as they show the SSF at 20MHz, although I think you guys are more correct with your approach. Still, it’s good to understand the distinction and the limitation of the SSF. Well done for knowing this stuff !