Automotive eeprom ID HELP

Subject: Help Needed: Identifying Serial EEPROM for 2008 VW Rabbit ECU

Hello Fellow Tech Enthusiasts,

I hope you’re all having a fantastic day filled with successful projects and minimal frustrations. I’m reaching out to the community for some much-needed assistance in identifying a specific serial EEPROM.

Here’s the situation: I’m currently working on the ECU of my 2008 Volkswagen Rabbit, and after two months of relentless efforts (and a few too many cups of coffee), I’m still struggling to get my beloved car back on the road. To make matters more challenging, I need to replace the EEPROM, but I want to ensure I get the exact right one due to the myriad of sub-variants within the ST95160 series.

Below is a picture of the EEPROM in question. If anyone could lend their expertise in identifying the precise model or provide guidance on how to navigate through the ST95160 labyrinth, I’d be eternally grateful (and so would my Rabbit).

Why am I in dire straits, you ask? Well, I’ve spent countless hours trying to decode this tiny, yet critical component, only to be met with a barrage of technical specifications that make my head spin. If I had a dollar for every datasheet I’ve read, I could probably buy a new ECU by now! MY TRUE ABSOLUTE DREAM is that define folks at Digi will be able to actually program this bin file that I have for my EEPROM, but that’s kind of asking a lot

So, if anyone has experience with these EEPROMs or can offer any insights, please share your wisdom. My sanity—and my car—are riding on your collective knowledge!

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. Let’s get this Rabbit hopping again!

Best regards,

Well, the image is a ‘hare’ out of focus, but I think only one question really needs to be answered; just what the heck is that last character on the top line? I think you can play it safe on some of this and some of this is obvious.

It is an 8-SOIC so that id code MN
Without knowing the supplied voltage just use the 1.7 ~ 5.5 volt part, code F
It’s operating in a car so use temperature code 6
The most difficult to know is if it has the Identification Page, code D and it’s speed

Assume 20MHz speed (it’s a Rabbit and they are fast) and try this part: (M95160-DFMN6TP STMicroelectronics | Integrated Circuits (ICs) | DigiKey)">

My thought is, if it needs the ID Page, this chip has it, if not it just doesn’t access that and the rest of the chip works normally.

Anyway, that’s my 2 cents worth since you asked and I apologize for the rabbit puns, but I could not resist!

I hope this helps.


This is the m95160 chip.