AWG high voltage wire

AWG 14 for OD 85:
- High Voltage E 8 HV 1419 SPC

AWG 16 for OD 50:
- High Voltage E 8 HV 1619 SPC

AWG 12 for OD 130:
- High Voltage E 8 HV 1219 SPC

Hello @mreckert, welcome to the forum!

Based on the information you provided, these are the best options I could find on offer for those descriptions:


AWG12: 5879/12WH001-ND

Each of those lines links to a list of parts that seem reasonable matches to your description, exception being the 12AWG wire, for which I only found one option. Comparing the options, it’s not clear that these will perfectly match the specifications you’re looking for, so I recommend reviewing them to see if they will work for you.