Bus bar 14AWG

Hi Team,

We need bus bar 14AWG solid conductor strand, Non-Insulated, Tinned Copper 5 to 10 Feet. Can anyone suggest part?

Srikanth Kacchu


I was not able to locate that short of a run but there are 2 options that should work well in your needs and 100’ length was the shortest. please follow the link below to view the items on our website.

Thank you


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There are a few inconsistencies currently with our website filtering. If you are searching bare wire, you can select “Jacket Color” to be “None (Non-Insulated)” such like below link:
(Non-Insulated) Single Conductor Cables (Hook-Up Wire) - Filtering by “Jacket Color”
-Or you can select “Jacket (Insulation) Material” to be “No Jacketing - Bare Wire” per below link. Currently, both yield different results.
Single Conductor Cables (Hook-Up Wire) - Filtering by “Jacket Material”

We do have some of the actual busbars like 0280300000


They are listed under terminal block accessories.

The other option could be using a barrier block with a jumper if that would work better.

See also:
Triton (A Molex Company) - Custom Bus Bars