Molex - Custom Grounding Braid Straps Busbar

Molex’s grounding jumpers (previously known as Triton) are UL-certified off-the-shelf. These grounding jumpers enable safe management of high-power applications. They also provide 93% solid termination throughout compression, increased cross-sectional contact area, and increased pull-out strength. This product is also known as ground braid or ground strap and has an electrical current max of 53 A, 105 A, and 150 A. Material: Copper, Tin Plated.

These are available through Digi-Key with heatshrink and without. In lengths available from 0.5’ to 3.0’, and in various widths of 0.540", 0.750" and 1.000" with 10 AWG ends. Thickness is 0.080".

Digi-Key can offer you a quote on your secondary services. For more information on Molex custom options or if you need assistance, please contact Or fill out the FORM and submit to the same email above.

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