B-H curve for Ferrite sheet

Dear reader,
I need the B-H curve of the flexible ferrite sheet, can anyone of you suggest where to find it, or provide it to me directly. Below is the purchase link for this ferrite.

I would like to ask about the B-H curve parameters of the flexible ferrite sheet provided by digikey. Where can I find it? I really need this now.



Hi Bistu,

Thank you for your inquiry. The only curves provided are on the datasheet per below, we can reach out to our product manager if additional information is needed. However since this isn’t listed on the datasheet it appears to be irrelevant or something the manufacturer doesn’t test for.

Hi Ryan,
Can you help me contact the product manager for help? I need the magnetization curve of ferrite (B-H curve), according to the curve to ensure the performance of the product.