Coilcraft 0402AF Series Supplier Recommended Alternatives

If you’re looking for the 0402AF series of ferrite chip inductors the manufacturer recommends the following alternative options.

See 0402DF for the widest inductance range (20 to 3300 nH) and much lower DCR (up to 45% lower).-Coilcraft

Inductance (nH) 0402AF Series (Not Available) 0402DF Series (*Available)
0402AF/0402DF Datasheet Datasheet
20nH/20nH 0402AF-200XJL_ 0402DF-200XJRW
22nH/ 0402AF-220XJL_ N/A
33nH/33nH 0402AF-330XJL_ 0402DF-330XJRW
36nH/36nH 0402AF-360XJL_ 0402DF-360XJRW
39nH/ 0402AF-390XJL_ N/A
51nH/ 0402AF-510XJL_ N/A
56nH/56nH 0402AF-560XJL_ 0402DF-560XJRW
72nH/ 0402AF-720XJL_ N/A
78nH/77nH 0402AF-780XJL_ 0402DF-770XJRW
100nH/105nH 0402AF-101XJL_ 0402DF-101XJRW
140nH/140nH 0402AF-141XJL_ 0402DF-141XJRW
180nH/180nH 0402AF-181XJL_ 0402DF-181XJRW
200nH/ 0402AF-201XJL_ N/A
220nH/220nH 0402AF-221XJL_ 0402DF-221XJRW
250nH/ 0402AF-251XJL_ N/A
270nH/270nH 0402AF-271XJL_ 0402DF-271XJRW
300nH/300nH 0402AF-301XJL_ 0402DF-301XJRW
330nH/330nH 0402AF-331XJL_ 0402DF-331XJRW
360nH/360nH 0402AF-361XJL_ 0402DF-361XJRW
390nH/ 0402AF-391XJL_ N/A
420nH/420nH 0402AF-421XJL_ 0402DF-421XJRW
470nH/470nH 0402AF-471XJL_ 0402DF-471XJRW
560nH/590nH 0402AF-561XJL_ 0402DF-591XJRW

Example Part Number





Three digit induction code. The first two are significant. The last one is the multiplication factor (the number of zeroes).
590nH = 59 significant with one zero = 591


Tolerance: G = 2% H = 3% J = 5%


L = Gold over nickel over silver-palladium-glass frit.
Special order: T = RoHS tin-silver-copper (95.5/4/0.5)
or S = non-RoHS tin-lead (63/37)

R = RoHS compliant matte tin over nickel over silverplatinum-glass frit.
Special order: Q = RoHS tin-silver-copper (95.5/4/0.5)
or P = non-RoHS tin-lead (63/37)


W= 7″ machine-ready reel. EIA-481 punched paper
tape (2000 parts per full reel). Quantities less than
full reel available: in tape (not machine ready) or
with leader and trailer ($25 charge).
Q = 7″ machine-ready reel. EIA-481 punched paper
tape (5000 parts per full reel).
Y = 7″ machine-ready reel. EIA-481 punched paper
tape. Factory order only, not stocked (10000 parts
per full reel).
U = Less than full reel. In an effort to simplify our part
numbering system, Coilcraft is eliminating the need
for multiple packaging codes. When ordering, simply
change the last letter of your part number from U to W.

W= 7″ machine-ready reel. EIA-481 punched paper
tape (2000 parts per full reel). Quantities less than
full reel available: in tape (not machine ready) or
with leader and trailer ($25 charge).
Y = 7″ machine-ready reel. EIA-481 punched paper
tape. Factory order only, not stocked (10000 parts
per full reel).
U = Less than full reel. In an effort to simplify our part
numbering system, Coilcraft is eliminating the need
for multiple packaging codes. When ordering, simply
change the last letter of your part number from U to W

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0402AF Series Part Numbers
Tolerance J = 5% Tolerance H = 3% Tolerance = 2%
0402AF-200XJLW N/A N/A
0402AF-220XJLW 0402AF-220XHLW 0402AF-220XGLW
0402AF-330XJLW N/A N/A
0402AF-360XJLW 0402AF-360XHLW 0402AF-360XGLW
0402AF-390XJLW 0402AF-390XHLW 0402AF-390XGLW
0402AF-510XJLW 0402AF-510XHLW 0402AF-510XGLW
0402AF-560XJLW N/A N/A
0402AF-720XJLW N/A N/A
0402AF-780XJLW 0402AF-780XHLW 0402AF-780XGLW
0402AF-101XJLW 0402AF-101XHLW 0402AF-101XGLW
0402AF-141XJLW 0402AF-141XHLW 0402AF-141XGLW
0402AF-181XJLW 0402AF-181XHLW 0402AF-181XGLW
0402AF-201XJLW N/A N/A
0402AF-221XJLW 0402AF-221XHLW 0402AF-221XGLW
0402AF-251XJLW N/A N/A
0402AF-271XJLW 0402AF-271XHLW 0402AF-271XGLW
0402AF-301XJLW 0402AF-301XHLW 0402AF-301XGLW
0402AF-331XJLW N/A N/A
0402AF-361XJLW N/A N/A
0402AF-391XJLW N/A N/A
0402AF-421XJLW N/A N/A
0402AF-471XJLW 0402AF-471XHLW 0402AF-471XGLW
0402AF-561XJLW 0402AF-561XHLW 0402AF-561XGLW
0402AF-200XJTW N/A N/A
0402AF-220XJTW 0402AF-220XHTW 0402AF-220XGTW
0402AF-330XJTW N/A N/A
0402AF-360XJTW 0402AF-360XHTW 0402AF-360XGTW
0402AF-390XJTW 0402AF-390XHTW 0402AF-390XGTW
0402AF-510XJTW 0402AF-510XHTW 0402AF-510XGTW
0402AF-560XJTW N/A N/A
0402AF-720XJTW N/A N/A
0402AF-780XJTW 0402AF-780XHTW 0402AF-780XGTW
0402AF-101XJTW 0402AF-101XHTW 0402AF-101XGTW
0402AF-141XJTW 0402AF-141XHTW 0402AF-141XGTW
0402AF-181XJTW 0402AF-181XHTW 0402AF-181XGTW
0402AF-201XJTW N/A N/A
0402AF-221XJTW 0402AF-221XHTW 0402AF-221XGTW
0402AF-251XJTW N/A N/A
0402AF-271XJTW 0402AF-271XHTW 0402AF-271XGTW
0402AF-301XJTW 0402AF-301XHTW 0402AF-301XGTW
0402AF-331XJTW N/A N/A
0402AF-361XJTW N/A N/A
0402AF-391XJTW N/A N/A
0402AF-421XJTW N/A N/A
0402AF-471XJTW 0402AF-471XHTW 0402AF-471XGTW
0402AF-561XJTW 0402AF-561XHTW 0402AF-561XGTW
0402AF-200XJSW N/A N/A
0402AF-220XJSW 0402AF-220XHSW 0402AF-220XGSW
0402AF-330XJSW N/A N/A
0402AF-360XJSW 0402AF-360XHSW 0402AF-360XGSW
0402AF-390XJSW 0402AF-390XHSW 0402AF-390XGSW
0402AF-510XJSW 0402AF-510XHSW 0402AF-510XGSW
0402AF-560XJSW N/A N/A
0402AF-720XJSW N/A N/A
0402AF-780XJSW 0402AF-780XHSW 0402AF-780XGSW
0402AF-101XJSW 0402AF-101XHSW 0402AF-101XGSW
0402AF-141XJSW 0402AF-141XHSW 0402AF-141XGSW
0402AF-181XJSW 0402AF-181XHSW 0402AF-181XGSW
0402AF-201XJSW N/A N/A
0402AF-221XJSW 0402AF-221XHSW 0402AF-221XGSW
0402AF-251XJSW N/A N/A
0402AF-271XJSW 0402AF-271XHSW 0402AF-271XGSW
0402AF-301XJSW 0402AF-301XHSW 0402AF-301XGSW
0402AF-331XJSW N/A N/A
0402AF-361XJSW N/A N/A
0402AF-391XJSW N/A N/A
0402AF-421XJSW N/A N/A
0402AF-471XJSW 0402AF-471XHSW 0402AF-471XGSW
0402AF-561XJSW 0402AF-561XHSW 0402AF-561XGSW
0402AF-200XJLQ N/A N/A
0402AF-220XJLQ 0402AF-220XHLQ 0402AF-220XGLQ
0402AF-330XJLQ N/A N/A
0402AF-360XJLQ 0402AF-360XHLQ 0402AF-360XGLQ
0402AF-390XJLQ 0402AF-390XHLQ 0402AF-390XGLQ
0402AF-510XJLQ 0402AF-510XHLQ 0402AF-510XGLQ
0402AF-560XJLQ N/A N/A
0402AF-720XJLQ N/A N/A
0402AF-780XJLQ 0402AF-780XHLQ 0402AF-780XGLQ
0402AF-101XJLQ 0402AF-101XHLQ 0402AF-101XGLQ
0402AF-141XJLQ 0402AF-141XHLQ 0402AF-141XGLQ
0402AF-181XJLQ 0402AF-181XHLQ 0402AF-181XGLQ
0402AF-201XJLQ N/A N/A
0402AF-221XJLQ 0402AF-221XHLQ 0402AF-221XGLQ
0402AF-251XJLQ N/A N/A
0402AF-271XJLQ 0402AF-271XHLQ 0402AF-271XGLQ
0402AF-301XJLQ 0402AF-301XHLQ 0402AF-301XGLQ
0402AF-331XJLQ N/A N/A
0402AF-361XJLQ N/A N/A
0402AF-391XJLQ N/A N/A
0402AF-421XJLQ N/A N/A
0402AF-471XJLQ 0402AF-471XHLQ 0402AF-471XGLQ
0402AF-561XJLQ 0402AF-561XHLQ 0402AF-561XGLQ
0402AF-200XJTQ N/A N/A
0402AF-220XJTQ 0402AF-220XHTQ 0402AF-220XGTQ
0402AF-330XJTQ N/A N/A
0402AF-360XJTQ 0402AF-360XHTQ 0402AF-360XGTQ
0402AF-390XJTQ 0402AF-390XHTQ 0402AF-390XGTQ
0402AF-510XJTQ 0402AF-510XHTQ 0402AF-510XGTQ
0402AF-560XJTQ N/A N/A
0402AF-720XJTQ N/A N/A
0402AF-780XJTQ 0402AF-780XHTQ 0402AF-780XGTQ
0402AF-101XJTQ 0402AF-101XHTQ 0402AF-101XGTQ
0402AF-141XJTQ 0402AF-141XHTQ 0402AF-141XGTQ
0402AF-181XJTQ 0402AF-181XHTQ 0402AF-181XGTQ
0402AF-201XJTQ N/A N/A
0402AF-221XJTQ 0402AF-221XHTQ 0402AF-221XGTQ
0402AF-251XJTQ N/A N/A
0402AF-271XJTQ 0402AF-271XHTQ 0402AF-271XGTQ
0402AF-301XJTQ 0402AF-301XHTQ 0402AF-301XGTQ
0402AF-331XJTQ N/A N/A
0402AF-361XJTQ N/A N/A
0402AF-391XJTQ N/A N/A
0402AF-421XJTQ N/A N/A
0402AF-471XJTQ 0402AF-471XHTQ 0402AF-471XGTQ
0402AF-561XJTQ 0402AF-561XHTQ 0402AF-561XGTQ
0402AF-200XJSQ N/A N/A
0402AF-220XJSQ 0402AF-220XHSQ 0402AF-220XGSQ
0402AF-330XJSQ N/A N/A
0402AF-360XJSQ 0402AF-360XHSQ 0402AF-360XGSQ
0402AF-390XJSQ 0402AF-390XHSQ 0402AF-390XGSQ
0402AF-510XJSQ 0402AF-510XHSQ 0402AF-510XGSQ
0402AF-560XJSQ N/A N/A
0402AF-720XJSQ N/A N/A
0402AF-780XJSQ 0402AF-780XHSQ 0402AF-780XGSQ
0402AF-101XJSQ 0402AF-101XHSQ 0402AF-101XGSQ
0402AF-141XJSQ 0402AF-141XHSQ 0402AF-141XGSQ
0402AF-181XJSQ 0402AF-181XHSQ 0402AF-181XGSQ
0402AF-201XJSQ N/A N/A
0402AF-221XJSQ 0402AF-221XHSQ 0402AF-221XGSQ
0402AF-251XJSQ N/A N/A
0402AF-271XJSQ 0402AF-271XHSQ 0402AF-271XGSQ
0402AF-301XJSQ 0402AF-301XHSQ 0402AF-301XGSQ
0402AF-331XJSQ N/A N/A
0402AF-361XJSQ N/A N/A
0402AF-391XJSQ N/A N/A
0402AF-421XJSQ N/A N/A
0402AF-471XJSQ 0402AF-471XHSQ 0402AF-471XGSQ
0402AF-561XJSQ 0402AF-561XHSQ 0402AF-561XGSQ
0402AF-200XJLY N/A N/A
0402AF-220XJLY 0402AF-220XHLY 0402AF-220XGLY
0402AF-330XJLY N/A N/A
0402AF-360XJLY 0402AF-360XHLY 0402AF-360XGLY
0402AF-390XJLY 0402AF-390XHLY 0402AF-390XGLY
0402AF-510XJLY 0402AF-510XHLY 0402AF-510XGLY
0402AF-560XJLY N/A N/A
0402AF-720XJLY N/A N/A
0402AF-780XJLY 0402AF-780XHLY 0402AF-780XGLY
0402AF-101XJLY 0402AF-101XHLY 0402AF-101XGLY
0402AF-141XJLY 0402AF-141XHLY 0402AF-141XGLY
0402AF-181XJLY 0402AF-181XHLY 0402AF-181XGLY
0402AF-201XJLY N/A N/A
0402AF-221XJLY 0402AF-221XHLY 0402AF-221XGLY
0402AF-251XJLY N/A N/A
0402AF-271XJLY 0402AF-271XHLY 0402AF-271XGLY
0402AF-301XJLY 0402AF-301XHLY 0402AF-301XGLY
0402AF-331XJLY N/A N/A
0402AF-361XJLY N/A N/A
0402AF-391XJLY N/A N/A
0402AF-421XJLY N/A N/A
0402AF-471XJLY 0402AF-471XHLY 0402AF-471XGLY
0402AF-561XJLY 0402AF-561XHLY 0402AF-561XGLY
0402AF-200XJTY N/A N/A
0402AF-220XJTY 0402AF-220XHTY 0402AF-220XGTY
0402AF-330XJTY N/A N/A
0402AF-360XJTY 0402AF-360XHTY 0402AF-360XGTY
0402AF-390XJTY 0402AF-390XHTY 0402AF-390XGTY
0402AF-510XJTY 0402AF-510XHTY 0402AF-510XGTY
0402AF-560XJTY N/A N/A
0402AF-720XJTY N/A N/A
0402AF-780XJTY 0402AF-780XHTY 0402AF-780XGTY
0402AF-101XJTY 0402AF-101XHTY 0402AF-101XGTY
0402AF-141XJTY 0402AF-141XHTY 0402AF-141XGTY
0402AF-181XJTY 0402AF-181XHTY 0402AF-181XGTY
0402AF-201XJTY N/A N/A
0402AF-221XJTY 0402AF-221XHTY 0402AF-221XGTY
0402AF-251XJTY N/A N/A
0402AF-271XJTY 0402AF-271XHTY 0402AF-271XGTY
0402AF-301XJTY 0402AF-301XHTY 0402AF-301XGTY
0402AF-331XJTY N/A N/A
0402AF-361XJTY N/A N/A
0402AF-391XJTY N/A N/A
0402AF-421XJTY N/A N/A
0402AF-471XJTY 0402AF-471XHTY 0402AF-471XGTY
0402AF-561XJTY 0402AF-561XHTY 0402AF-561XGTY
0402AF-200XJSY N/A N/A
0402AF-220XJSY 0402AF-220XHSY 0402AF-220XGSY
0402AF-330XJSY N/A N/A
0402AF-360XJSY 0402AF-360XHSY 0402AF-360XGSY
0402AF-390XJSY 0402AF-390XHSY 0402AF-390XGSY
0402AF-510XJSY 0402AF-510XHSY 0402AF-510XGSY
0402AF-560XJSY N/A N/A
0402AF-720XJSY N/A N/A
0402AF-780XJSY 0402AF-780XHSY 0402AF-780XGSY
0402AF-101XJSY 0402AF-101XHSY 0402AF-101XGSY
0402AF-141XJSY 0402AF-141XHSY 0402AF-141XGSY
0402AF-181XJSY 0402AF-181XHSY 0402AF-181XGSY
0402AF-201XJSY N/A N/A
0402AF-221XJSY 0402AF-221XHSY 0402AF-221XGSY
0402AF-251XJSY N/A N/A
0402AF-271XJSY 0402AF-271XHSY 0402AF-271XGSY
0402AF-301XJSY 0402AF-301XHSY 0402AF-301XGSY
0402AF-331XJSY N/A N/A
0402AF-361XJSY N/A N/A
0402AF-391XJSY N/A N/A
0402AF-421XJSY N/A N/A
0402AF-471XJSY 0402AF-471XHSY 0402AF-471XGSY
0402AF-561XJSY 0402AF-561XHSY 0402AF-561XGSY
0402AF-200XJLU N/A N/A
0402AF-220XJLU 0402AF-220XHLU 0402AF-220XGLU
0402AF-330XJLU N/A N/A
0402AF-360XJLU 0402AF-360XHLU 0402AF-360XGLU
0402AF-390XJLU 0402AF-390XHLU 0402AF-390XGLU
0402AF-510XJLU 0402AF-510XHLU 0402AF-510XGLU
0402AF-560XJLU N/A N/A
0402AF-720XJLU N/A N/A
0402AF-780XJLU 0402AF-780XHLU 0402AF-780XGLU
0402AF-101XJLU 0402AF-101XHLU 0402AF-101XGLU
0402AF-141XJLU 0402AF-141XHLU 0402AF-141XGLU
0402AF-181XJLU 0402AF-181XHLU 0402AF-181XGLU
0402AF-201XJLU N/A N/A
0402AF-221XJLU 0402AF-221XHLU 0402AF-221XGLU
0402AF-251XJLU N/A N/A
0402AF-271XJLU 0402AF-271XHLU 0402AF-271XGLU
0402AF-301XJLU 0402AF-301XHLU 0402AF-301XGLU
0402AF-331XJLU N/A N/A
0402AF-361XJLU N/A N/A
0402AF-391XJLU N/A N/A
0402AF-421XJLU N/A N/A
0402AF-471XJLU 0402AF-471XHLU 0402AF-471XGLU
0402AF-561XJLU 0402AF-561XHLU 0402AF-561XGLU
0402AF-200XJTU N/A N/A
0402AF-220XJTU 0402AF-220XHTU 0402AF-220XGTU
0402AF-330XJTU N/A N/A
0402AF-360XJTU 0402AF-360XHTU 0402AF-360XGTU
0402AF-390XJTU 0402AF-390XHTU 0402AF-390XGTU
0402AF-510XJTU 0402AF-510XHTU 0402AF-510XGTU
0402AF-560XJTU N/A N/A
0402AF-720XJTU N/A N/A
0402AF-780XJTU 0402AF-780XHTU 0402AF-780XGTU
0402AF-101XJTU 0402AF-101XHTU 0402AF-101XGTU
0402AF-141XJTU 0402AF-141XHTU 0402AF-141XGTU
0402AF-181XJTU 0402AF-181XHTU 0402AF-181XGTU
0402AF-201XJTU N/A N/A
0402AF-221XJTU 0402AF-221XHTU 0402AF-221XGTU
0402AF-251XJTU N/A N/A
0402AF-271XJTU 0402AF-271XHTU 0402AF-271XGTU
0402AF-301XJTU 0402AF-301XHTU 0402AF-301XGTU
0402AF-331XJTU N/A N/A
0402AF-361XJTU N/A N/A
0402AF-391XJTU N/A N/A
0402AF-421XJTU N/A N/A
0402AF-471XJTU 0402AF-471XHTU 0402AF-471XGTU
0402AF-561XJTU 0402AF-561XHTU 0402AF-561XGTU
0402AF-200XJSU N/A N/A
0402AF-220XJSU 0402AF-220XHSU 0402AF-220XGSU
0402AF-330XJSU N/A N/A
0402AF-360XJSU 0402AF-360XHSU 0402AF-360XGSU
0402AF-390XJSU 0402AF-390XHSU 0402AF-390XGSU
0402AF-510XJSU 0402AF-510XHSU 0402AF-510XGSU
0402AF-560XJSU N/A N/A
0402AF-720XJSU N/A N/A
0402AF-780XJSU 0402AF-780XHSU 0402AF-780XGSU
0402AF-101XJSU 0402AF-101XHSU 0402AF-101XGSU
0402AF-141XJSU 0402AF-141XHSU 0402AF-141XGSU
0402AF-181XJSU 0402AF-181XHSU 0402AF-181XGSU
0402AF-201XJSU N/A N/A
0402AF-221XJSU 0402AF-221XHSU 0402AF-221XGSU
0402AF-251XJSU N/A N/A
0402AF-271XJSU 0402AF-271XHSU 0402AF-271XGSU
0402AF-301XJSU 0402AF-301XHSU 0402AF-301XGSU
0402AF-331XJSU N/A N/A
0402AF-361XJSU N/A N/A
0402AF-391XJSU N/A N/A
0402AF-421XJSU N/A N/A
0402AF-471XJSU 0402AF-471XHSU 0402AF-471XGSU
0402AF-561XJSU 0402AF-561XHSU 0402AF-561XGSU
0402DF Series Part Numbers
R = RoHS compliant matte tin over nickel over silver-platinum-glass frit. Q = RoHS tin-silver-copper (95.5/4/0.5). P = non-RoHS tin-lead (63/37).
0402DF-200XJRW 0402DF-200XJQW 0402DF-200XJPW
0402DF-300XJRW 0402DF-300XJQW 0402DF-300XJPW
0402DF-330XJRW 0402DF-330XJQW 0402DF-330XJPW
0402DF-360XJRW 0402DF-360XJQW 0402DF-360XJPW
0402DF-560XJRW 0402DF-560XJQW 0402DF-560XJPW
0402DF-770XJRW 0402DF-770XJQW 0402DF-770XJPW
0402DF-900XJRW 0402DF-900XJQW 0402DF-900XJPW
0402DF-101XJRW 0402DF-101XJQW 0402DF-101XJPW
0402DF-121XJRW 0402DF-121XJQW 0402DF-121XJPW
0402DF-141XJRW 0402DF-141XJQW 0402DF-141XJPW
0402DF-151XJRW 0402DF-151XJQW 0402DF-151XJPW
0402DF-181XJRW 0402DF-181XJQW 0402DF-181XJPW
0402DF-221XJRW 0402DF-221XJQW 0402DF-221XJPW
0402DF-271XJRW 0402DF-271XJQW 0402DF-271XJPW
0402DF-301XJRW 0402DF-301XJQW 0402DF-301XJPW
0402DF-331XJRW 0402DF-331XJQW 0402DF-331XJPW
0402DF-361XJRW 0402DF-361XJQW 0402DF-361XJPW
0402DF-421XJRW 0402DF-421XJQW 0402DF-421XJPW
0402DF-471XJRW 0402DF-471XJQW 0402DF-471XJPW
0402DF-531XJRW 0402DF-531XJQW 0402DF-531XJPW
0402DF-591XJRW 0402DF-591XJQW 0402DF-591XJPW
0402DF-701XJRW 0402DF-701XJQW 0402DF-701XJPW
0402DF-771XJRW 0402DF-771XJQW 0402DF-771XJPW
0402DF-821XJRW 0402DF-821XJQW 0402DF-821XJPW
0402DF-901XJRW 0402DF-901XJQW 0402DF-901XJPW
0402DF-102XJRW 0402DF-102XJQW 0402DF-102XJPW
0402DF-222XJRW 0402DF-222XJQW 0402DF-222XJPW
0402DF-332XJRW 0402DF-332XJQW 0402DF-332XJPW
0402DF-200XJRY 0402DF-200XJQY 0402DF-200XJPY
0402DF-300XJRY 0402DF-300XJQY 0402DF-300XJPY
0402DF-330XJRY 0402DF-330XJQY 0402DF-330XJPY
0402DF-360XJRY 0402DF-360XJQY 0402DF-360XJPY
0402DF-560XJRY 0402DF-560XJQY 0402DF-560XJPY
0402DF-770XJRY 0402DF-770XJQY 0402DF-770XJPY
0402DF-900XJRY 0402DF-900XJQY 0402DF-900XJPY
0402DF-101XJRY 0402DF-101XJQY 0402DF-101XJPY
0402DF-121XJRY 0402DF-121XJQY 0402DF-121XJPY
0402DF-141XJRY 0402DF-141XJQY 0402DF-141XJPY
0402DF-151XJRY 0402DF-151XJQY 0402DF-151XJPY
0402DF-181XJRY 0402DF-181XJQY 0402DF-181XJPY
0402DF-221XJRY 0402DF-221XJQY 0402DF-221XJPY
0402DF-271XJRY 0402DF-271XJQY 0402DF-271XJPY
0402DF-301XJRY 0402DF-301XJQY 0402DF-301XJPY
0402DF-331XJRY 0402DF-331XJQY 0402DF-331XJPY
0402DF-361XJRY 0402DF-361XJQY 0402DF-361XJPY
0402DF-421XJRY 0402DF-421XJQY 0402DF-421XJPY
0402DF-471XJRY 0402DF-471XJQY 0402DF-471XJPY
0402DF-531XJRY 0402DF-531XJQY 0402DF-531XJPY
0402DF-591XJRY 0402DF-591XJQY 0402DF-591XJPY
0402DF-701XJRY 0402DF-701XJQY 0402DF-701XJPY
0402DF-771XJRY 0402DF-771XJQY 0402DF-771XJPY
0402DF-821XJRY 0402DF-821XJQY 0402DF-821XJPY
0402DF-901XJRY 0402DF-901XJQY 0402DF-901XJPY
0402DF-102XJRY 0402DF-102XJQY 0402DF-102XJPY
0402DF-222XJRY 0402DF-222XJQY 0402DF-222XJPY
0402DF-332XJRY 0402DF-332XJQY 0402DF-332XJPY
0402DF-200XJRU 0402DF-200XJQU 0402DF-200XJPU
0402DF-300XJRU 0402DF-300XJQU 0402DF-300XJPU
0402DF-330XJRU 0402DF-330XJQU 0402DF-330XJPU
0402DF-360XJRU 0402DF-360XJQU 0402DF-360XJPU
0402DF-560XJRU 0402DF-560XJQU 0402DF-560XJPU
0402DF-770XJRU 0402DF-770XJQU 0402DF-770XJPU
0402DF-900XJRU 0402DF-900XJQU 0402DF-900XJPU
0402DF-101XJRU 0402DF-101XJQU 0402DF-101XJPU
0402DF-121XJRU 0402DF-121XJQU 0402DF-121XJPU
0402DF-141XJRU 0402DF-141XJQU 0402DF-141XJPU
0402DF-151XJRU 0402DF-151XJQU 0402DF-151XJPU
0402DF-181XJRU 0402DF-181XJQU 0402DF-181XJPU
0402DF-221XJRU 0402DF-221XJQU 0402DF-221XJPU
0402DF-271XJRU 0402DF-271XJQU 0402DF-271XJPU
0402DF-301XJRU 0402DF-301XJQU 0402DF-301XJPU
0402DF-331XJRU 0402DF-331XJQU 0402DF-331XJPU
0402DF-361XJRU 0402DF-361XJQU 0402DF-361XJPU
0402DF-421XJRU 0402DF-421XJQU 0402DF-421XJPU
0402DF-471XJRU 0402DF-471XJQU 0402DF-471XJPU
0402DF-531XJRU 0402DF-531XJQU 0402DF-531XJPU
0402DF-591XJRU 0402DF-591XJQU 0402DF-591XJPU
0402DF-701XJRU 0402DF-701XJQU 0402DF-701XJPU
0402DF-771XJRU 0402DF-771XJQU 0402DF-771XJPU
0402DF-821XJRU 0402DF-821XJQU 0402DF-821XJPU
0402DF-901XJRU 0402DF-901XJQU 0402DF-901XJPU
0402DF-102XJRU 0402DF-102XJQU 0402DF-102XJPU
0402DF-222XJRU 0402DF-222XJQU 0402DF-222XJPU
0402DF-332XJRU 0402DF-332XJQU 0402DF-332XJPU

Note: All quotations above are taken from the information provided by the supplier in the data sheet they provided.

The TechForum Cross Reference category is for parts that Digi-Key does not sell or parts that have gone obsolete. Our Engineers and Techs have reviewed the specifications for these parts and made a recommendation for a replacement. Please review the suggested part to ensure it will work for your application.