Basler dart and IO board pinout misalignment


I recently purchased the Basler dart IO board.
I was told to purchase this by Basler and their support indicated that I should go through the vendor for support.

I purchased it to go with this camera, however, there is a misalignment between the pins on the camera and the io board.

Can anybody offer any advice on the pin alignment?


Hello Thank you for contacting Digi key forum , can you give more detail as to the misalignment is the from the board or the camera measure the spacing of both they should be the same spacing or can you tell pin (s) that are misaligned. A picture may help.

Hi Robert,

There are 6 pins on the io board that connects to the corresponding 6 sockets on the camera gpio. These pins are offset by one row if the screw/stand-offs are properly aligned between the camera and io board. This makes it so only 4 of the 6 pins from the io board can interface with the camera. Additionally, I cannot find the camera spec sheet anywhere, so I cant be sure I won’t damage the camera using the connected pins.



Hello Taylor,

We ended up reaching out to the manufacturer on this and below statement is what they replied with:

"The Darts with IMX sensors do not yet have I/O Boards.
We are currently working on developing them at the moment, but do not have a release date yet.

The new products are tentatively 108751/108752."

We are sorry that this has inconvenienced you.