BBB: Building and Rebuilding for arm-arch!


I know it is too late to reply. I am not expecting miracles since this is complicated and comes w/ years of experience from sources around the net, u-boot, and how u-boot signifies itself of am335x_evm_defconfig.

“I am on to something,” as usual but w/out working order, I am bit slow to duplicate for now.

Okay so!

I get a version of a cross-compiler (GCC), u-boot (u-boot), and a kernel set up (Linux).

I am testing now w/out any help. This is why I am reaching out:


The m-tune= ‘switch’ seems to want something outside of what is available, i.e. generic-armv7-a.

Anyway, I am sure someone is familiar w/ this issue as of the current, bleeding edge u-boot being shipped these days, along w/ an updated kernel, and no prior experience in building.


P.S. I am following along in your, whomever, eewiki Pages for the BBB. They seem very workable and well thought out but when I exchange out what you have produced w/ a new Kernel or u-boot version, I run into errors. Is this normal?

If you’d like assistance, it is best to post your actual build error. That way we can tell you exactly what went wrong…


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@RobertCNelson ,

Yes sir…I will get to it again soon and then we can proceed.


P.S. Thank you!

@RobertCNelson ,

Sir…please forgive me. The uboot parameter that turns into the error no longer is present. I just built u-boot on master and it worked this time. I am not sure exactly what could have transpired between then and now but it works!


P.S. Thank you for taking time out to try to help when things already work.