Bbxm booting with only 256MB

Hi @RobertCNelson,
following your instructions I’ve dowloaded u-boot v2019.04 and kernel 5.0.19 for the Beagle Board-xm board.
It works but doing a dmesg command I noticed that the DRAM is only 256MB, but in the dt of omap3-beagle-xm.dts there is memory alloctaed for 512MB.
I would try to put sdome traces to understand the dt is correctly loaded. Shall I check the u-boot or the kernel?
Thank you

Hi @Lorenzo sorry the xM has been broken for awhile, please use this binary build:

It would be good to git bisect this and figure out what broke on mainline…


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@RobertCNelson thank you it works!
Can you also address me to have 1Ghz speed?

Thank you!

I believe that was fixed on mainline… I see your on v5.0.x, i’d give 5.10.x a try…