Beagle Bone Black GPIO with Device Tree Overlay


I am running Debian Stretch with the 4.14.40-ti-r50 kernel and a U-Boot version of [U-Boot 2018.03-00002-gac9cce7c6a]

The problem that I am running into is that I am unable to control my GPIO’s after updating my Device Tree Overlay. I updated the DTO as per page 7 of this pdf.

The Skywire BeagleBone Black Cape is able to connect to the internet as intended, I just cannot control any of the other GPIO’s now. I have tried to manually controll the GPIO’s through terminal under the /sys/classes/gpio settings and it only displays 2 gpios that are not even on the BBB pin out diagram, and when I try to export the correct GPIO’s into this list, I am able to change the values but it will not send the signal over the GPIO. I even check to see if the GPIO’s are MUX’d, but non of them show as available. I am thinking it was when I updated the device tree overlay as per the user manual for the cape that caused this issue. I am needing the GPIOs to connect to sensors and LEDs but without control of the GPIOs, my program won’t work.

If you need any other log files, please let me know.


Hi Travis,

I’m currently away from my Skywire cape.

But yes, any pins not used by the cape should be free to export thru /sys/class/gpio.

Which pins are you trying to export, remember hdmi-audio is enabled by default, so you might need to disable some of the on-board devices:



Good Afternoon Robert,

Thank you for responding, but thankfully I was able to fix my issue earlier today by changing the Kernel and Uboot versions. My problem is no longer existent.

I guess I should mark this topic as closed or something, I just am not exactly sure how.

But thank you again for taking the time to respond.