Beaglebone Black update IP Address and subnet

I’m looking for some guidance regarding updating the IP address for the BBB. I have a BBB that I need to place remotely on my network. Its a custom BBB with no connections on it what so ever, other than the USB port. Its a non-wifi model. So I’m looking to find a way to use a usb-Ethernet adapter and connect it to the USB port.

So I need to update the IP address from, but more importantly I need to update the subnet so I’ll be able to access it on my network.

Its obvious that I can update the information in the interfaces file, I’ve done this before with a raspberry pi. However what I’m concerned that if I go about making changes its going to disable access completely and that’s a risk I don’t want to take. I just ordered a new board. I’ll do some experimenting with the SD card, so i’ll avoid bricking issues.

However, I was hoping to gain some insight as to what steps I should take. I’ve read that there are init scripts running at boot that setup and configure the USB0 as well.

Does anyone have any insight as to what steps I should take?


@Nightpoison, sadly these values (192.168.7.x/192.168.6.x) are hard-coded in the boot scripts. I’m working on a project to factor these out, but i haven’t pushed it out to the default images yet.


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