Black screen on monitor using BeagleBone Black and HDMI

I am trying to connect through the microHDMI to a monitor screen, but got no signal
Powering the BBB with USB connection with my latptop (should I use 5V?)


Already read ‘No Signal’ on LCD screen using Beagle Bone Black and HDMI but didn’t got it…

@dcdourado, one of the common issues with Monitor’s not working with the BBB is a lack of GND or a floating GND. One quick test to verify this, does your monitor have any built-in USB ports that you could use to connect your BBB to it? Looking at your eeprom, your board was programmed correctly, thus that old thread doesn’t apply in your case.


Hi @RobertCNelson, my monitor does not have USB ports to try this. I will try to connect in another monitor to check if the problem may be with this monitor that I’m using. Thanks

@dcdourado, another option, do you have the Ethernet jack plugged in? That might share the same gnd connection as the monitor.


@RobertCNelson i hadn’t. Figured out that the problem was: my monitor setup. It was connected with a VGA cable, then VGA to HDMI converter and then HDMI to microHDMI. Using on another monitor (with direct HDMI to microHDMI) worked. Thanks!

@dcdourado, ah good find! Yeah the hdmi spec doesn’t include vga signals.


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