Beaglebone Black Wireless & the Octavo OSD335x

This forum post is dedicated to providing part numbers and links for utilizing the Beaglebone Black Wireless (BBBW). Feel free to post questions to this thread.

Component List

BeagleBone Black Wireless: BBBWL-SC-562-ND
Note: Part number above includes a getting started guide, a 3 ft USB A-Male to Micro B male Cable and the board. Click here for more Micro B USB cable options.

Octavo OSD3358: OSD3358-512M-BAS / 1676-1000-ND

Replacement Antenna

2.4GHz whip U.FL – 1173-1024-ND

Running the BBBW on its own

Here’s a list of items you’ll need to have the board operating by itself:
• Keyboard
• Mouse
• Power supply with 5V, 1A+ with one of the options:

  • Barrel plug – 2.1mm ID / 5.5mm OD, Center positive - For more info, see “Powering the Beaglebone Black” post
  • I chose to use one with a USB receptacle – 102-3777-ND and then used a USB to Barrel plug assembly # 839-1016-ND
    • USB Hub since Beaglebone only has one USB port (TL1236-ND or 1528-1612-ND)
    • Computer Monitor - preferably one that accepts a standard HDMI cable.
    • An appropriate cable* that will interface the monitor with the Micro HDMI connector on the Beaglebone. Micro to standard HDMI cables are available here.

* Note The monitor that I had used a DVI-M port, and since Digi-Key at this time did not offer a DVI-M to Micro HDMI adapter, I had to think outside of the box for some solutions. Here are some adapters that may help you work around the monitor you have:


Eagle Symbol for the OSD3348 BAS device

Need more in-depth information?

Digi-Key Application Engineer Rob has poured a plethora of BBB knowledge into his eewikipage:’s page on the Beaglebone Black Wireless: - black-wireless
OSD335x Datasheet
OSD3358 Application Guide
Texas Instruments Sitara ARM® Cortex®-A8 AM335x Processor Landing Page
TPS65217C Power Management IC Landing Page
TL5209 LDO Regulator Landing Page

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