Board 410-319-1 Digilent, Inc

Two important questions:
(1): What is the size of the board?
(2): Does the board have Eprom?


Welcome to the Digi-Key Technical Forum. Well with the documentation it states the Arty A7‐35 and Arty A7‐100 would have the FPGAs loaded. So your part number appears to be the Arty A7‐100 so Yes. The FPGA is loaded.

I did not find a size. I have sent this to the warehouse to see if they can measure it . Hopefully I can get at least an approximate size. I will let you know when this comes back.

The measurement I got was 4.34"x3.425" . The height was hard to measure as the modular jack was farther away from the Bumpons. He said for sure it is less than an inch high. Hopefully this helps.

In Vivado, for the Arty A7-100, use the s25fl127s-spi-x1_x2_x4 option for configuration memory…