Body marking of ECS-.327-12.5-39-TR

Dear team,
Digikey Invoice No: (redacted for privacy) (27th line item)
With refer to above details we have procured the material from digikey.
MPN: ECS-.327-12.5-39-TR
In data sheet there is no body marking available but in part there is marking like OBM-C31005, verified and tried in manufacturer website but tough time to get the details.
Please suggest, how to read the body marking.

Hello vanitha - please e-maili a photo of the part in question to, and it will be forwarded to our Product Specialist for verification. Thank you!

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Ok, will update you.

Please check mail and revert immediately.

We didn’t get any response…!!

Please reply, we are eagerly waiting for the response from manfacturer.

Hello @vanitha,

A request with the Product Specialist was made to confirm the marking. We will contact you when we hear back.


The marking is a date and lot code:

OBM = Internal ID
C = Crystal
3 = 2023
1 = January
005 = Lot Code