AMPMAFB25.0000T top marking code

Hi Digikey Team,

Last time , we have asked you about the Top marking for the PN AMPMAFB25.0000T.
The marking on the Top side is 014W-BV5. We don’t sure that MFR is change the spec or not, Because the old version of datasheet has described not same actual marking while latest version datasheet has not explained.
So we want to confirm it’s true or Wrong, and want to get the document to confirm the incoming parts.
Please support.

Many thanks.

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Hello Danny,
Thank you for contacting Digikey Technical Support.
We are not able to confirm part markings over a forum, because of counter fitting issues.
Please send a photo of the part marking to
Then we will confirm the part markings with the manufacture.

Hi Nathan,

Good day,

Thank your feedback.

Please see the picture below for detail. (The attachment is the high-quality picture).

Hope to receive the feedback from you asap.

Many thanks.

Thanks and Best regards

AMPMAFB25.0000T top (45.7 KB)

Hello Nathan,

My apologies for the delay.

This is one of those unfortunate situations where I will not be able to assist you in the traditional sense. As many of our readers are aware, counterfeit semiconductors are a hazard to parts suppliers. That is the primary reason you and I are unable to locate the specific marking. Abracon is protecting the integrity of their product line by deliberately leaving the marking information out of the datasheet.

I realize that this post is old. If you do need assistance, please respond with a simple “Yes.” And we will forward your information to the appropriate DigiKey representative. You will likely need to work backwards from your original purchase order number.

In the interim, you may be interested to read about DigiKey’s Certified to Counterfeit Avoidance Accreditation Program (CAAP). Link Digi-Key Electronics Certified to CAAP | DigiKey