Bosch Sensortec Product Number Breakdown

Here’s how Bosch Sensortec structures the nomenclature for their parts (Ex.: BMX series):

The Bosch Sensortec product naming convention is the following:
1st Letter : Manufacturer
B - Bosch

2nd Letter : Device type
H - Hub
N - Node

3rd Letter : Sensor type
A - Accelerometer
C - Compass (accelerometer + magnetometer)
E - Environmental
F - Freely Programmable
G - Gyroscope
I - IMU (accelerometer + gyroscope)
L - Light
M - Magnetometer
O - Orientation
P - Pressure
V - Vital
X - 9-aXis (accelerometer + gyroscope + magnetometer)

Therefore the meaning of BMX is “Bosch MEMS 9-axis.”

All information was provided by Bosch Sensortec’s Forum.