Bourns 3610-10 Turn Precision Knobpot

Is this potentiometer digital?

I need three digital potentiometers similar to these for operating Applied Motions ST5-S stepper motor controller.

I do not wish to control values with software. Need something I can adjust while running in real time.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Bourns 3610 series are 1-gang Digital Precision Potentiometer

T4155940 is your technical reference number for this interaction.

The Bourns 3610 series potentiometers are regular 10-turn analog potentiometers with a numeric display to show relative position. They are not digital. According to the datasheet for the ST5-S, you could use this for the analog input speed control (see page 17 of hardware manual), but that is the only thing it could be used for.