Ordering uncommon bourns potentiometer

Hi there, recently bought an bass guitar (Ibanez SR400) that was made in 2001. It uses a blend pot to blend between 2 different pickups. having a real tough time trying to source a replacement thru the manufacturer.

Closest part number i can find is from Bourns: PDB182-K225P-504A1 However, since it’s a dual gang, it doesn’t tell me if its an AC or MN curve.

Anyway, It doesn’t seem to be available for me to add to my cart. What’s the method for ordering non-standard prats from digikey? any added costs? is the return policy the same if this doesn’t work out?

Thanks in advance!

Hi MrBungle,

If you have passive pick-ups, the pot is possibly 3VR1VM305.
Can get one through eBay.

The schematics:
Heke, AsamaLab

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Mine a 2001 so the PCB in my bass is different. I’m not 100% clear on Potentiometer terminology so forgive my made descriptions here haha

My measurements are based on the old pot i ended up cutting out.

My main struggle is finding pots with a long enough stem (25mm)
Bushing is metric (8mm, found out when i bought a 3/8 and it wouldn’t fit thru the PCB hole.
The rotator needs to be solid (no knurling or split shaft)
terminals need to be front facing pin connectors. (which i guess changes the model to a PDB182-D225P-504A1)

Picture of PCB and blend pot below

sr400 pcb_LI

Hi MrBungle
Thanks for visiting the Digikey tech forum. I did some checking and wasn’t able to find a good option to offer for this potentiometer. Here are the closest options we have but you will notice the pin terminations or pin orientation is different.

Hey Steve, i appreciate you looking thru the stock. I’ll give the PDB182-K420K-504A‎. its not perfect but it will at least fit. I’ll probably use jumper wires to connect it.

Thank you for your help!