Help Locating a Potentiometer

Hello. I’m trying to replace a potentiometer in a old guitar effect pedal and I can’t seem to find the right combination of physical characteristics and electronic characteristics. I’m looking for one that has:

  • 50k ohms
  • Reverse audio taper
  • 12mm or smaller body/case/whatever you call it
  • Panel mount
  • Solder lugs
  • Preferably a 6mm knurled shaft, but that’s negotiable

I thought that this would be a common part, but it’s seeming hard to track down. I can find stuff that’s close, but it’s mostly too big or there’s no size listed (but if the picture is to be trusted, it’s too big): 4922000 Mojotone | Potentiometers, Variable Resistors | DigiKey Marketplace

Any ideas?


Looking at the part number provided it would be closer to 1" in diameter for the body of the part. I search for additional options and was not able to locate one that is a smaller body size that would match your requirements.

Hi Chip,

Just wondering, would it be possible to provide the info about the pedal that you are fixing? Also a photo of the potentiometer would help a lot.
12mm body diameter is quite a tough specs. Pots with 16mm are easier to find.
Like this: Alpha Potentiometer Reverse Audio Track C50K (c47k) 16mm Variable Resistor for sale | eBay

Would this pot with 9mm body work for you? The shaft is not knurled type though.


The pedal is a Boss BF-2 Flanger, and the broken pot is the “Res” (resonance) control.

I also asked around about this with some people who specialize in pedals, and they said that these specific pots are no longers made, so I’ll figure out how to make the 9mm work. Thanks!

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