Potentiometer part search

Hello everyone, I’m on the search for a match for a potentiometer that is currently out of production. It is for an old Boss HM-2 guitar pedal. Here are the specs that I know about and some photos, too.


Resistance: 250K ohm
Taper: D or A2

Screw shaft diameter: 10.5 mm
base diameter: 12mm
knurled shaft height: 10mm (~3/8") from threads, knurled shaft diameter: ~4.6mm (3/16").

Any help is appreciated! Thank you


Hello rlozano, welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
The closest alternate to a 3/8" thread, 250K, audio taper, with Knurled shaft, is 118-PDB181-GTR01-254A2-ND.
This one does have solder terminals, but you may be able to make this one work.
I’m sorry that we do not have a closer match.
Please check the datasheet to help verify compatibility to your application.

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