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Hello everyone, i am currently doing repairs on a boss sp-202 unit and am looking for replacements for two of the potentiometers. i am hoping digikey offers a similar one.
first is RK09K113 10K and the second one is RK09K12C 50KB. i was also wondering if the numbers in the part # signify anything specific? i have been able to find the exact parts but only from euro sellers.
attached is the service manual

BOSS+SP-202.pdf (2.6 MB)

Found the Alps data sheets over @ Mouser.

I’ll need a more complete part number to figure out all the electrical and mechanical characteristics of the original part. Without all the details any substitute reccomendation would be more a random guess.

According to the data sheet, the full part number looks like: RK09K1130-F20-C0-B103

The final three digits are just the resistance, but the last letter (B in the example), determines the taper and you must get that right for the system to work correctly.

Of course if you have the equipment you can measure the taper and other missing mechanical specs and let us know what you need.


Ok so here are some measurements of the 10k pot

And this is the 50k pot.

Thanks for your time. If the shaft is too long i could always trim one down of shave in the cut for the knob

The closest option I found for the 10K ohm, is 2223-PT01-D130D-B103-ND, and the closest option for the 50K ohm, is 2223-PT01-D130D-B503-ND.
Both have a linear taper, and a shaft length of 30mm. The shaft length is measured from the bottom of the potentiometer. Please check the datasheets for compatibility to your application.

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Since it appears there is no visible part number indicating the taper you’ll need to test them to determine which taper the original pots are.

See here:

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