Help finding replacement potentiometers

Hello, I’ve been looking for these for a few months now. I’ve gotten close, but not enough to commit to buying yet.


Thank you for contacting Digi-Key Electronics. Is there a value listed for the potentiometer you need? Sorry. The information provided does not give me enough information to narrow down a part or even any options to look at.

I tried using a meter on them, but the values kept jumping around sporadically (hence the needed replacements). But from what I can guess, they’re 1k ohms, but others are 500.

You can look at part number PTV09A-2020F-B102. The link is: . That looks like the closest I can see for the 1k. I did not find a 500 ohm . Though please confirm with the data sheet that the part will work. I did linear taper and that you need to confirm.

We’ll see when they get here…

In-circuit tests are likely to be sketchy, since any connected circuitry is apt to mess with the measurement. Unsoldering such things intact without messing up the PCB is tricky, though possible. Safer route (from one perspective) is to clip off the leads from the part, and remove the stubs one by one. With any care at all, there should be plenty left on the part to do a proper out-of-circuit measurement.

Verna’s suggestion does seem like a close match, and listings for the series do include a 500 ohm option, albeit a non-stock one. A somewhat-cultivated list of possibilities in the general ballpark can be found here; some adaptation may be required, but if the electrical function can be duplicated, mechanical differences can sometimes be dealt with in a repair context.

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