Need to replace this pot, help identify please

Hi all,

I need to replace this pot, it is from a Guitar Hero Live controller (it’s for the whammy)
Any help identifying this would be appreciated. Pictures attached.


Is this how it looks coming out of the guitar, or has it been disassembled a bit?

This is exactly how it looks not disassembled at all.

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum, I’m not able to find an exact match, your part has 103 on it which to me calls out a 10Kohm potentiometer, closest I can find by size is part CT3181-ND. You may have to bend or remove the supports to get it to fit, not exact but maybe an option.

Hi Steve,

I think that the handle/dial would not be easy to remove on that one?

I did a bit more hunting around and now I think the original is one of the pots from a gamepad thumbstick assembly which has been removed. (see picture attached)
Which I am guessing would probably mean I need one of those and will have to disassemble myself, unless someone knows better :slight_smile: