Potentiometer replacement/identification

Trying to find this potentiometer or a suitable replacement. It’s for a sim pedal (clutch/brake/throttle) and is apparently very rare because of it’s 60* rotation. Thank you for any assistance!



We have no pots with a 60° rotation angle among our listings; that’s quite possibly an item that was custom made for the application, and assuming this is the case one’s likely to come out ahead replacing the entire assembly.


A Google search for the part number finds that it is available from Alibaba and Banggood.

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Thanks Paul! I had googled and seen a lot of adds, but not the specific pot. But Alibaba does seem to have them, though actually ordering them is going to be a challenge I think. I’ve contacted them and they said they’ll get back to me. (From China delivered to USA) There’s not link on their site to actually order them, just a chat feature to “negotiate”… Whatever that means. Sounds expensive lol But thanks for the hint! (I couldn’t locate the actual pot on Banggood)