ID potentiometers on old Holley fuel injection control board

It’s an old Holley Projection TBI. It works OK, but I’ve got the control box out because I’m refurbing the rest of the Jeep and I’m noticing that the pots (it’s a manual adjust unit) are damaged and I’d like to replace them. There’s a manufacturer (Piher) and a number on them, but it’s not turning up anything in a search. I’ll put the numbers below and pictures if that will help.

1K641M (This one works in reverse, 0 is fully clockwise and max is CCW, but I’m not sure that matters)

Considering that these control an air fuel adjustment it seems to me that linear would be better than audio. Also, the legs are staggered with the two outside legs on the front and the single middle leg on the back of the unit. and I think it would be nice to have panel mounts since it would help keep them from being damaged every time they got bumped. It would also help prevent dirt and water from getting inside the control box.

Any help getting the proper replacements for these would be great.

they kind of look like these

do you have a wattage or size measurements ? how many turns ?

Unfortunately I don’t know the wattage. They’re 3/4 turn, the main body diameter is 15mm, the body thickness is 5mm, the shaft is 6mm in diameter and 16mm long. The two outer solder lugs are about 9mm apart and the middle lug is staggered back about 5mm.

They do look like the one’s you posted.

ok check these out about the right size

and these are hardware that fits Click here

I believe the part numbers with “H06” have the identical pin spacings. So, for example, PT15NH06-104A2020-S has the right pin arrangement.

Here’s the subset with this pin arrangement.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it!