Help with part identification

Can anyone help me identify this dual pot with switch? It’s in a Texas Ranger CB Radio and the switch is failing.

Welcome to the Technical Forum. I am not able to see much except the value. We have a lot of non stock parts with the 50K. I only see the first on in stock for the Logarithmic taper. Here is the link:

Rotary Potentiometers, Rheostats | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

You can review this to see if you can make anything work. Though most of the parts that are not in stock have pretty big minimums. Maybe someone else might have a better suggestion for you.

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Not having much luck yet. Could you add an image of the pin arrangement on the underside? That might help find possible alternatives.

And, how does the switch function … is it a momentary push type, a rotate type, other?

Yeah, I’ll have to open it back up. Will do that in a bit

Hi @indymx ,

Unfortunately the Pro Audio PTH90 offerings we would have are all obsolete with zero stock.

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AFAICT this potentiomenter is made by CTR in Taiwan & China but the only place selling their parts seems to be AliExpress. I can’t find a catalog or any data sheets online.

So you may have to settle for reverse engineering the potentiometer to determine the full specs. Then buy an electrically equivalent part that you can make fit in the radio. You may have to connect the potentiometer to the PCB with wires and rely on the threaded bushing for mechanical support.


I went a different route, a micro toggle switch thru the top cover of the radio near the front… problem solved. On to more challenging problems in my life… :wink: