Part ID?

Hi, I need to identify this rotary switch and a suitable replacement. pls help?

Hi clloydhome,

Is that a rotary switch or a rotary encoder? If a switch, how many positions?

I literally have no idea. I’m learning as I go.

It’s from the control module on a Tysun 2.2KW 220V AC 12A Single Phase Variable Speed Control Drive Frequency Converter.

It looks like only three pins, correct? That most likely eliminates both encoder and rotary switch.

Looks like there might be markings on the side - can you get a shot of that?

So does the knob rotate smoothly over some range (typically roughly 270 degrees)?

Yes; three pins. You’re absolutely correct about it’s movement.

Actually, it could still be an encoder. So, as you rotate, do you feel it “click” slightly, or is it completely smooth?

completely smooth

the writing on the side says “FANRUI”

And does it stop at each end of rotation, or continue to rotate with no stops?

it stops in both directions. Id say 270 deg is very close.

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Hmmm, then it’s probably a potentiometer (variable resistor). Then we need to figure out what resistance value it is. Any other markings on it?

No other markings

Thanks so much for your help David - what an incredible resource you’re providing!

Sorry I haven’t been able to give you any more. Without knowing a value, there’s no way to find anything comparable. If you could get a schematic or something, then we might be able to offer something.

I think I found the “FANRUI” website, at least.

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No worries! I’ll keep working on it now that I know what information is needed. It’s only with your help that I have any hope of solving this little puzzle.

Hi clloydhome
PTV09A-4015U-B103-ND appears to be our most similar 10k Ohm option.
PTV09A-4015U-B503-ND is the 50k equivalent which may also be a possibility.
10k-50k is a common range for variable resistors used in voltage divider bias (VDB) circuits.

-You should be able to measure the resistance value across the two outter-most pins using a multimeter. Typically it is the center wiper pin that goes bad in low power applications, and not the entire resistance.

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Amazing!! Thanks so much for your help!!

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