Need small potentiometer (or encoder) with switch

I am looking for a small small continuous rotary potentiometer with switch. Total height should be about 20mm.

Alternatively, I could use a rotary encoder if it has enough pulses, say 45 or more.

Need a part rated to 5v.

Hello Exhibitry:
Welcome to Digi-key’s Tech Forum! Here are some options for single turn potentiometers for you to take a look at. There are a variety of resistance values available and there are different termination styles, through hole, solder lug. You can choose from Carbon, Conductive Plastic and Wirewound types. The potentiometers are rated by wattage, but I reviewed datasheets, where voltages are listed and they will have no trouble handling 5V. At the time of this reply, all of these options are in stock.

Thanks. I may have been using the wrong language when I said “continuous”? I need it to turn round and round with no stop. Is that called something else?

Analog potentiometers are a dying breed; beyond that I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen one that allows for continuous rotation of the type described, likely due to the discontinuity in output that would result, together with the potential for creating a short circuit as the wiper element traverses it. Most extant examples of the functionality described are likely implemented using encoder-type techniques. A selection of such devices providing >45PPR resolution can be found here.

Thanks. A few people have warned me about the unreliability of Pots. A high-res encoder is probably a better solution.

Very few people have seen 360° potentiometers, I worked manufacturing them from 1977 to 1980. The only place ordinary people would have encountered them was if they got a PerkinElmer CT scan in the 70s/80s. The machine motion was monitored by 3" diameter sine/cosine pots that cost over $300.00 each in thousands.

Also lots of military gear and high end science gear had outrageously expensive 360° rotation potentiometers with all kinds of output functions. I suspect that Honeywell, who bought up nearly all the 1970s precision potentiometer companies, still sells 360° potentiometers on a custom build basis.

Thanks Paul. Good Info. I’ve switched to looking for a high-res encoder with switch. Not a lot of choices at the size I need but I think I will find one that works.