Identifying rotary encoder for welder switches

Hi new to forum - my Lincoln MP 210 was recently vandalized and the knobs were pulled out of their respective areas. I got down to the circuit board that the encoders are installed on. And I cannot find any information or labeling. How do I identify them to purchase replacements? Company told me they just will sell me a replacement board and that seems like a huge waste since everything else is fine.

Anyway— any help would be so helpful

Welcome to Digikey Form , it maybe best as we do not list knobs for end products. Here is a list of knobs we do carry Hardware, Fasteners, Accessories | Knobs | DigiKey

Hi jasontimm,

We’ll see if we can find anything for you.


  • Are these “push to select” encoders, or strictly rotational?
  • Do you know roughly how many detents there are per revolution (maybe you can insert a screwdriver in there to check)?
  • Are there any markings at all we can use to try to ID them?
  • Can you give us some dimensions, such as height, length, width, number of pins, pin spacing (both pin to pin and row to row)?

Thank you for responding- one is a push select encoder and I believe that the other two are rotational.

I will send all dimensions tonight. I know that the push to select rotational is 3 pins on one side and two directly opposite and the other two look identical and they just have three on one side without the other two pins.

I am not seeing any markings. When I broke it down all the way I was hoping for that.

I will see about dimensions and number of detents and send information when I get home.

Thank you again!

I was able to get a few dimensions. The picture has all measurements- everything is in inches but can convert if needed.

2 of them are the same and they are not push to select. The other one marked S3 is a push to select and has 2 pins on one side and 3 on the other. The meAsurement that says 0.9 should be 0.09.

I am still not seeing any part numbers…

All three have 24 detents.

Thank you so much for your help

Hi jasontimm,

You might want to re-check your center-to-center pin spacing (pitch) measurements. I would expect the pitch to be a minimum of 0.079" (2mm) or wider on the 3-pin side and 0.157" (4mm) on the 2-pin side, and more likely 0.098" (2.5mm) and 0.197" (5mm), respectively, like the following:

Assuming it’s the latter dimensions, here’s a short list of potential candidates for the push-to-select part. They have various shaft dimensions, and the PEC11R parts have 7mm (0.276") threaded bushings while the PEC12R parts have 9mm (0.354") threaded bushings.

Here are a few non-switched versions we stock. Unfortunately, we only have stock of the 7mm bushing size, but if you need the larger 9mm bushing, you could use one of the switched versions of the PEC12R series (link) and just snip off the two switch pins.

Ah should have spelled out how I measured. I went from edge of unit to closest side of pin. Then measured distance from other side of pin to the next closest side of pin. I would almost guarantee your calcs are correct. Thank you so very much for helping me identify these. I will check them out and verify prior to ordering.

Thank you again. I will also check out the knobs to find one that fits. Here is a picture of the what this unit looks like. The smaller knobs are 1 inch in diameter and the larger is 1.5 inches in diameter.