Help identify the buttons on an Airbus A320

Could someone help me Identify the kind of rotary encoders on the A320? They are push pull and continuous and I can’t find anything online.

Hello Alexander and welcome to the forum,

Are they the kind with the rotary bit on the base and the top?

Post a photo if you have it.

Yes, the rotary.

The encoder, maybe, I would need to know the markings to be sure. Though I doubt I have the knobs, if you know the shaft size I can do a second pass.

Knobs can be found here

This for the real deal or a sim setup?

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Sim setup.

The knobs aren’t the issue. I’ll 3d print them. It’s just the continuous rotary with the “push/pull” function.

Could you provide photos of just the encoder body? Are there any markings on the Encoder?

H alexander.kobelansky,

When you say “push/pull”, do you mean that not only can you push it to actuate a switch, but that you can also pull it, to actuate another switch, or do you mean something else? When you push it, does it remain in the pushed position or does it return to the nominal position (in other words, is it a momentary switch or one that remains in the actuated state even after the user releases it?

Hello Alexander,

You have a challenging project.

Years back, I had access to a collection of older aviation components. “Clever” is the word to describe the collection of switches. There were so many clever ways of integrating multiple functions into a single switch body.

If you haven’t already done so, may I recommend you search GRAYHILL’s switch offerings. They have over 15,000 unique switch offerings. If you don’t find the specific switch, perhaps you could send them a request for assistance.

Also, may I recommend you post a picture of the switch body to this forum. You never know who will respond. Perhaps we will get lucky.

Best Wishes,


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