Howdy I need a bit of help with a Hall sensor

I’m trying to make a Trim Box for my PC to use in Flight simulators.
I want to use Hall sensors because if I go to the work to figure this out I want it to last, I’m tired of cheap pots spiking.
o I ordered these,
When I looked at spec sheet it mentioned 0-320 or 360 continuous. Being that I am not fully versed on this stuff and only a Diesel Technician in real life I honestly am probably more dangerous in this world than most LOL
These don’t have a stop to make them 0-320 and once hooked up to a Bodnar board, the signal just drops then spikes once you run it out of range. I guess I ordered the wrong thing and there is another part number I need to use to actually get the 0-320?

Thanks for reading and possibly helping.

Spec sheet says that the 320° electrical travel version has a part number containing “320” and to include a mechanical stop an optional feature code of “ST” (see page 3). That would make the part number 6127V1A320L.5ST.

However at the TTI web site that part number does not come up in a search so either it’s semi-custom build/order or the 320° version with stop has gone obsolete.

I suspect the most economical way out is to design and construct your own mechanical stop external to the 360° encoder.

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Thanks, I figure as much, I was hoping the 360 has a push tab or something built into the housing, that would allow you to optionally use for the 320 stop. When I ordered them. Ohwell I’ll put my head to it and play with them till I get it sorted.