Precision Hall sensor

Hi, we need low cost and small size Hall sensors, similar to the TI DRV5032 series in TO-92 package. However, those have a much too wide range of threshold values, around a factor three. We need a range of closer to +/- 10% for our product. Ideas/suggestions welcome. Thanks

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That DRV5032 is not a really a sensor it is more like a switch and meant to used where a reed switch would work. Like all the Hall Switches and Latches I’ve seen there is a wide percentage tolerance on the operate and release points. With a switch/latch application it’s not an issue since you can easily take advantage of the fact that there is no problem with going way above or below the thresholds.

I’ve not worked with them much so I’m not sure, but I suspect that Linear Hall sensors may have an accuracy specification tolerance that meets the demands of your design.


Thanks Paul. Our design requires a sensor that precisely detects when an item is in place, akin to what a microswitch would do (we cannot use a mechanical switch). Linear Hall sensors use too much current (our design is battery powered), and they are not calibrated, ie each product item would have to calibrated individually, which we cannot afford either. So it seems we need a Hall switch with very low hysteresis Bhys such as DRV5032AJ but with a very low range of operating threshold Bop, which DRV5032AJ does not have. Can a batch of DRV5032AJ with same Bop be supplied somehow, or is there another way?

I’m just a normal user like you so not authoritative.

IME (40 years) you need to buy thousands of the component direct from the manufacturer to get a heavily customized component. I suggest you contact the application engineering support departments at some candidate suppliers for better information.

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Unfortunately, we are unable to supply a batch of DRV5032AJ with the same Bop.