Hub Motor - Hall Effect Sensor - Can't Identify Sensor


I have an Electric Motor (Hub Motor) that is off an electric scooter I own. The motor started to act strange and I started to diagnose the issue and found that one of the Hall Effect Sensors was stuck at 3.31V and would not change when I moved the magnets around it like the others.

The issue Is, I’m unable to find any markings on the sensor that could help identify the sensor, so I can replace it. I’m not skilled enough to know what I can buy and use instead of this and hope someone will know the answer.

Known information :
Red cable + - 5.15V
The sensor operates @ 0.1v to 3.31V - It moves from this to this when you rotate the magnets

Hello @ChrisDejon

Do you have a picture of the sensor? Some manufacturers have identifiable physical features. Were there any markings on the part that were not helpful, or just no markings at all?

Thank You