Potentiometer replacement for Hall Effect sensor

I have a 750 watt sewing machine BLDC motor and controller that I want to use on a mini metal lathe. Is it possible to replace the treadle arm Hall Effect sensor with a Potentiometer? If so, how would that be wired?

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Hello f104starfightermike,

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Yes, this is certainly possible.

The key to answering this question is to consider the user speed control to motor control interface.

This could be difficult depending on the BLDC motor controller’s design. If this is an industrial controller, there will likely be options as this type of equipment is typically flexible and designed for many different types of users. If this is consumer grade it may be challenging as this equipment is generally purpose built with a low cost point in mind.

Could you post a few pictures? Specifically of the speed sensor, the motor controller, and the motor. focus on the motor nameplate if it has one. This may allow other community member to assist.

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