Looking for small motor controller with current measurement, ~150mA

I’m looking for a motor controller for a small ~150mA motor that can measure the current drawn by the motor. The idea is to be able to detect if the motor is jammed or working harder than normal.

Any suggestions?


Hi Chris,

I believe this article may be of interest to you regarding this application. Using back EMF to control a motor without using the traditional sensors.

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My understanding from some googling is that current sensing motor drivers exist. Is this not the case, to your knowledge?


Hello Chris,

Yes they do exist. I did find this article on the Texas Instruments website. Here is the link:

I found these options that do list current controller:

To find these options on websites is hard. I would think it would be something that would be useful to know on some of the drivers . Though I can say it does exist and there are some examples to look at.

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Thank you very much. Yes, trying to find that option is proving to be very difficult, but that is a good starting point.