Hall input chip for BLDC motor

H can you recommend an IC that can control a 3 phase BLDC motor?
Looking for these features:
*accepts speed command from a potentiometer and gates external power FETs
*accepts input from phase A,B,C hall sensors
*includes the high and low side FET drivers
*capable of 29V or ideally 60V DC bus
*has current limit via connection to external shunt resistor
*has internal speed regulator

Thanks - Phil St. Louis

Hello PhilH - welcome back to the Forum community. The following suggestions were offered by one of our Product Managers at Digikey:

I think you may be looking for a Module and not a single IC chip, reason I say this: it sounds like a good FPGA or CPLD type application, but in order to accept a 29vdc to 60vdc rail, you would still need some sort of DC to DC like product as well. As far as the Hall input, many Hall devices have ADC included so having a digital interface to say and FPGA or MCU/MPU is quite easy.
That being said, you may be better suited to work with a company like Trinamic who makes everything all in one or the module by itself.

TMC6140-EVAL Trinamic Motion Control GmbH | Development Boards, Kits, Programmers | DigiKey

this may not be what you need but will get you in the right direction; MPS also makes some great drivers; single phase and multi phase as well.

MP6538GV-P Monolithic Power Systems Inc. | Integrated Circuits (ICs) | DigiKey

Again just to get you on path to selection other than an FPGA solution with Higher Voltage rail; above are a couple examples, I think MPS probably also has EVal or Dev modules you could use to test in a Design.

Motor Driver Boards, Modules | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

BLDC motor drive modules as example

The A8930(1/6/7) are interesting products that may also merit a look.

Thank you, these are interesting. Do you know if either chip can start a motor with 100% rated torque?

Allegro does not seem to have very good tech support but maybe they will talk to you.

Zero-speed torque generally implies a sensor-based solution, so looking more at the AMT49413, A4915, A4931 might be better options. DRV8306 might be another to check out.

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Yes, that has been my experience too.

But I do know if you do the field oriented control properly, you can get a lot of starting torque. I spoke to a VP at Allergo, he said they are coming out with an FOC chip to have high starting torque but I don’t know the P/N yet.

Ric what is your background? Do you work for Digikey? How did I get in contact with you?

Perhaps, though I’d suspect an asterisk or two would attach.

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