Need help finding this part

Im trying to find this or a replacement for this hall sensor.

Welcome to the Tech Forum. Do you have specs available for the sensor that you have?

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I do not and there is no marking on it

I was not able to find a sensor that looks like the part in the image. Here are some part that are similar that may work, although the size will be bigger.

I’m guessing that is an inductive proximity sensor with the crosshair marking. Similar to these - Click Here. Those are the closest options I was able to locate.

That does look similar. It is positioned over a spinning metal disc with two hole through the disc that the sensor reads im guessing. Does that help any?

Volume slide resistor 200kΩ

Got a product link?

Ive dug the sensor out of the housing. Need help locating this part number. Looks like SH6834

Sorry, I wasn’t able to locate that part with that marking.