Skinny hall sensors?

I’m installing hall sensors on a bldc engine. The Honeywell SS41 works well with my controller. Unfortunately, it is too wide to fit between the stator teeth. I’d prefer not to have to drill into the stator. Are there any hall sensors similar to the SS41 that are 2mm or less in width? I assume the answer is no, but it’s worth asking.

Hi mrjonsmithanonymous,

Welcome to the Tech Forum. To which dimension are you referring as needing <= 2 mm?

The SS41 is 4.06 x 3.00 x 1.57 mm. For reference, here is the diagram of the SS41 from its datasheet:


The only parts I have found with similar functionality to the SS41 (bipolar magnetic field actuation, open collector/open drain output, wide supply voltage range, comparable rise/fall times) which are significantly smaller is the S-57RBNLxS-A6T8U series from ABLIC USA Inc.

These are somewhat more sensitive than the SS41, with the S-57RBNL1S-A6T8U being the least sensitive of the three options. However, these are small surface-mount parts, so you would have to mount them on a circuit board rather than just solder directly to their leads.

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