Need some technical clarification on the a product (Digi-Key Part Number "1993-PST360G2-2OO-C0002-E)

I am willing to buy a PST-360 Hall-Effect Through-Shaft Rotary Position Sensor having Digi-Key Part Number “1993-PST360G2-2OO-C0002-ERA360-RE-ND.” According to the specification, it has ERA 360 degrees but in my application, I need to measure -10 deg to +10deg. So can I set the origin between 10 to 350 deg and measure -10 deg to +10 degrees perfectly?

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The datasheet for this device, page 2, shows a linearity graph with 10% to 90% range. It states that linearity is only guaranteed within the electrical rotation angle, 15 degrees to 360 degrees. I believe you can likely make this device do what you need as a 20-degree span is within the ERA specification, but you may have to study it further and experiment some to ensure you’re seeing what you need to from the device.

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Our existing communications have a CAN speed of 1MHz. Can you also please confirm what is the CAN speed (Hz) of this device?