Trying to find a potentiometer - please help!

I am trying to find a miniture potentiometer - here is what is printed on the faulty part.

It has the following:
20 0927 Mexico

Is there an equivalent (miniture) pot i can order? (as far as i know its a 2k linear pot)

Thanks and any advice/help would be appreciated!!! :slight_smile:

Kind regards,
David from Australia.

Welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately I cannot find any data on that part.

Clarostat was bought by Honeywell early this century so most Clarostat part numbers are not found on the internet. Honeywell announced they were mostly exiting the market in 2019 so finding info from them may not be possible.

You can almost certainly find a substitute part from another manufacturer by measuring these specifications yourself.

  • Resistance between the ends, round to the nearest 500 ohms to find the nominal value.
  • Resistance from each end to the wiper with the shaft at the midpoint of rotation. If the resistance is equal for both ends, it is linear taper, If it is not equal, the taper is non-linear (usually audio taper)
  • Diameter of the housing
  • Diameter of the shaft
  • Diameter/thread of the bushing (if it has one)
  • Height of the housing
  • Length of the shaft

While you could try to match the terminal arrangement, there has been practically zero standardization of that, so you will likely need to adapt the replacement into the existing wiring/PCB. You may also need to buy a pot with a longer shaft and trim it down yourself. Often there is a lot of blank space around pots in products so you can often get away with much larger parts in the same system.

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