I need help in finding the right potentiometer

I have an old (Canadian)Yorkville sound Bloc 80B Bass guitar amplifier that have a very,very great sentimental value for me and that needs the volume potentiometer to be changed and my problem is that, even after a lot of researches , I still can’t find the right one.
It is a 4542 DJA7 (it’s written directly on it) and the manufacturer itself wrote to me that there is no replacement part for it anymore.

So I searched on many websites and as a newbie, I’m not sure to fully understand all the specs but I found in the Bourns PD24 Series something that may be near to it and according to the chart, I need the PDA241-SRT02-105B0 but my problem is that I need the knurled shaft to be 24mm long to squeeze two nuts in between the amplifier body.
Something like this.

So I really need help on this.
Thanks in advance.

@ Monzzzzz


In the documents for that amplifier, I was only able to verify that a 1M linear potentiometer was used. I didn’t find any other specs. Using PDA241-SRT02-105B0 as a reference, though, the closest item in a panel-mount style is part number 2368-502-0423-ND with a different thread type, a built-in switch (not needed, I’m assuming), slightly poorer tolerance at 20% vs. 15%, but with a 30mm actuator length.

There is still the possibility of finding a better replacement. Forums for audio equipment repair are very active, and it wasn’t too difficult to find documentation pointing to the original ‘4542’ potentiometer in that Yorkville amp. I’ll post another reply if I find anything, but I recommend looking for a proven replacement. The options we’ve looked at here are not expensive, though, so they are your backup plan if nothing else is found.

Thanks a lot for your answer.
It’s been nearly a month on part-time that I’m trying to solve this.
In the beginning I wrote to mouser with my specs and as a dumb newbie, I bought 10 of their suggestion which were far from fitting.

So I learned to understand a bit about it and when they suggested me another one, I realized that it wasn’t good too.
Same thing happened when I wrote to Digi-Key but they told me about this forum.
So here I am now.
But the part you linked may not work for me because it will be too hard to fix it solid to the metal of the amplifier.
Since I am not in a hurry, I will continue to check for the best one.
Thanks a lot again for helping me. :smiley:

Dear Mr.Gust. I bought the potentiometer that you linked and after some work to make it fit in there, it is working perfectly.

Thanks a lot for your help.

@ Monzzzzz

That is good to hear! I was never able to find a reference to someone finding an exact replacement, but it was an interesting part hunt, nonetheless. :clap: