Broadcom ASMT-UWB1-N Series SMD LED

Broadcom’s ASMT-UWB1-N Series SMD LED is a OneWhite Surface-Mount PLCC-2 LED Indicator. It is designed for high optical efficiency with 100 lm/W and available in 8-mm carrier tape.

The Handling Precautions, Baking & Storage Recommendation, and Application Precautions are listed in the part’s datasheet, found here: Broadcom ASMT-Series Datasheet.

During the automation assembly, you may see empty pocket(s) on the middle place of the reel. This is normal. Broadcom will remove parts from the tape if they do not meet their specification. This is part of Broadcom’s manufacturing quality control. You should have the quantity you ordered on the full reel, and would need to set up your pick and place machine to skip empty pockets.