Broken Chip

Can anyone help ID this chip? I was given the markings on it and have listed them below:

BBREF 200UK 06Ay50

It goes on a temperature probe in an oven.

Maybe check out these parts.
It is possible the BB could be Burr Brown , now a division of TI. The marking would be REF 200U . Not fully sure but other letters and numbers being a Date/Lot code info
This chip is put onto an adapter board from SOIC to DIP
Something to look at at least.

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I have received this photo that better shows the markings on the chip.

@nate_mcdowell if you do an image search for the part @Paul_Burmeister suggested REF200AUE4 you can confirm that is the IC.

PA-SOD3SM18-08 is the adapter board in the picture.

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Hi Nate,

Is that it?

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